IDA Memberships

IDA Memberships

Exclusive Memberships Tailored for Your Success

Are the challenges of your staging & redesign venture overwhelming you?

Empower Your Design Journey: Exclusive Memberships Tailored for Your Success

In the world of interior design, continuous learning, and mentorship are pivotal for growth. At Interior Design Academy, we understand that every designer, whether a seasoned professional or a newcomer, needs a supportive community and expert advice. That’s why we’ve crafted exclusive membership packages to cater to your unique needs and aspirations. Dive into the world of design with confidence, backed by a global network of professionals, mentors, and a community that shares your passion. Explore our PRO and PLATINUM memberships and find your perfect fit.

Does navigating your staging & redesign business leave you anxious?

Why PRO Membership? Ideal for:


  • Emerging interior designers starting their independent journey.
  • Designers aiming to bridge their knowledge gaps.
  • Those keen to boost their confidence in design.
  • Aspirants wanting to learn from industry veterans.

PRO Membership

  • Unlimited Queries: Seek guidance unlimited times each month from our global network of interior designer mentors. Simply email your questions.
  • Language Choice: Select your desired language during registration, and we’ll match you with a proficient mentor.
  • Monthly Video Session: Enjoy a 60-minute video chat monthly with your mentor. Discuss any queries or concerns related to your interior design business or ongoing projects.
  • Exclusive Access: Become a member of our private Facebook page. Interact with fellow designers and seek advice from our mentors.

Feeling the weight of managing your staging & redesign projects?

Why PLATINUM Membership? Ideal for:

  • Interior designers who wish to deepen their expertise in electrical, plumbing, and building domains.
  • Professionals handling vast projects and seeking additional guidance.
  • Emerging interior designers establishing their footing.
  • Designers yearning to address their knowledge gaps.
  • Designers eager to amplify their confidence.
  • Those driven to learn from top-tier professionals.

PLATINUM Membership

  • Extended Expertise: Not just interior designers, but also benefit from our electricians, plumbers, builders, decorators, and more from around the world.
  • Language Comfort: Specify your language preference at registration to get a mentor who speaks your language.
  • Bi-monthly Video Sessions: Engage in two 60-minute video chats every month. Discuss all your business or project-related dilemmas.
  • Project Assistance: Working on something new and need expert advice on electrical, plumbing, or building aspects? We’re here to provide accurate and timely solutions. Plus, we’re ready to advise, review, and even help rectify your projects.
  • Bonus Community Access: Join our exclusive Facebook community to engage with fellow designers and seek insights from our mentors.

Struggling to find balance in your staging & redesign operations?

Meet Our Team


Letizia Laura Achilli

Industrial Design, Italy


Adri van der Merwe

Architectural Designer, South Africa


Romana Dević

Interior Designer, Serbia


Viv Murguia

Architectural and Interior Designer, Mexico


Ioanna Pappa

Product & System Design Engineer, Greece


Gabi Hajdu

Interior Designer, Hungary


Diego Andrade

Architect and Interior Designer, Mexico


Fuey Yin Lee

Architect and Interior Designer, Costa Rica


Natalie Lockwood

Interior Designer, United Kingdom


Kinga Sliwa

Interior Designer, Poland

Choose Your Plan

Navigating the vast world of interior design can be challenging, but with the right resources and mentorship, you can craft masterpieces with confidence. Our memberships are meticulously designed to serve every kind of interior designer out there. 

PRO Membership

£ 47 month
  • Interior designer who only started to work independently
  • Interior designers that still has some gap in knowledge and want to fulfil that
  • Designers who want to grow their confidence

PLATINUM Membership

£ 87 month
  • Interior designers who don't have too much experience with electrical, plumbing, building works...
  • Interior designers that are working on a huge projects where they need additional support
  • Interior designer who only started to work independently
  • Designers who want to grow their confidence

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