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All our courses have received the seal of approval of the CPD Group Accreditation.  CPD-certified courses are are accepted all over the world, so you can decide later where you would like to use your newly gained knowledge. Find out how the CPD Accreditation will support your learning journey with the Interior Design Academy.

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Lifelong Learning:

CPD is a commitment to continuous improvement and learning throughout one's career. It ensures that professionals stay current with the latest advancements, skills, and knowledge in their field, which can significantly enhance their job performance and career prospects.

Professional Recognition:

Many professional bodies and organizations require members to engage in CPD to maintain their professional status. By participating in CPD activities, professionals can demonstrate their commitment to their profession and enhance their credibility and recognition within their industry.

Diverse Learning Methods:

CPD encompasses a wide range of learning methods beyond traditional classroom training. This includes online courses, workshops, conferences, seminars, webinars, mentoring, self-directed study, and experiential learning. This variety ensures that professionals can choose the most effective and convenient ways to learn.

Boosts Employability:

Engaging in CPD can significantly boost a professional's employability. It shows potential employers that the individual is proactive about their development and is equipped with the latest skills and knowledge. This can lead to better job opportunities, promotions, and higher earning potential.

What Does CPD Accredited Mean?

Being CPD Accredited means that all our courses have reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. You can trust that all course modules and set assignments have been scrutinised to ensure full integrity and quality according to CPD requirements.

The CPD Group provides a service recognised independently by CPD accreditation and compatible with global CPD requirements.

What to do with
the credits?

Credits are awarded in terms of learning outcomes and practical application of the knowledge obtained. The amount of credits you have achieved is recorded by a CPD Certificate of Attendance, CPD Self-Assessment forms and personal CPD Record Cards. We recommend you keep a record of your annual Continuing Professional Development activities on a CPD record form. It is your responsibility to ensure it is correct, up to date and meets the requirements of your professional body or association. The CPD Group provides a service recognised independently by CPD accreditation and compatible with global CPD requirements.

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