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3D MAX Mastery Course

"The instructors are fantastic, providing valuable insights and feedback. I now feel confident to take on real-world design projects."

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Welcome to our exclusive 3D MAX Mastery Course, designed to catapult your 3D rendering skills to professional levels. Drawing from our extensive experience in the 3D rendering domain, this online course is tailored to transform beginners and intermediate learners into proficient creators of high-level architectural renderings and photorealistic designs.


Dive into this existing and soon-to-become very popular profession!

For each module, a dedicated tutor in your language will introduce you to the course contents and new skills to learn and help you piece together your own professional portfolio to kick-start your career.

This course is a foundation programme and you do not need any previous experience in the field as you will be taught everything you need to get you started in the industry.  All you need is a real passion for interior design!

Course Lessons

Modules 1-5

1. Project Setup: Learn the nuts and bolts of initiating your 3D projects.

2. Modeling Mastery: Dive into creating intricate 3ds Max models.

3. Material Magic: Gain expertise in applying materials and using maps for realism.

4. Lighting & Realism: Understand and implement lighting and material techniques to enhance realism.

5. Camera Work: Master the use of cameras to capture the perfect angles.

Modules 6-7

6. Stunning Renders: Develop skills to create breathtaking rendered images.

7. Animation Adventures: Explore the world of desktop animations.

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Our Graduates

"This course was a game-changer for me! The flexibility of online learning allowed me to balance my job and studies. The projects were practical and prepared me well for my career in interior design."

Sarah M. Interior Design Student

"The instructors are fantastic, providing valuable insights and feedback. I now feel confident to take on real-world design projects."

Anna Johnson Home Staging Student

"This course exceeded my expectations. The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, and the content was up-to-date with current industry trends. I now feel prepared to take on interior design projects with confidence."

Michael K. 3D Max Graduate

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